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Maximize the strength of the centre-left by voting strategically. Find out which progressive candidate is leading in your constituency before you vote.

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Why It's Important

Alberta's wealth can create a diverse, sustainable economy, job stability, excellent infrastructure, and world-class public services, a true "Alberta advantage." Yet after 40 years of Conservative government we have none of these. We can do better!

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What Can I Do?

Vote strategically in your constituency to counter the vote-splitting among progressive candidates that continually elects so many Tories. Your support for the centre-left candidate with the best chance of winning can build the progressive bloc of MLAs.

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Winnable Candidates

Find out which progressive candidate is leading in your constituency. Vote for that candidate to make your voice count against the Tories.

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Ways to Support

Tell your friends about our strategic voting initiative. Volunteer your time and/or resources to support this campaign.

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Why vote strategically?


In the last election, the combined progressive vote in several constituencies was greater than the total support for Conservatives and Wildrose. Strategic votes prevent vote-splitting among good candidates and we can still support our favourite parties in other constituencies by volunteering and donating. As reporter Don Braid of the Calgary Herald says, "Tories are chuckling... Vote-splitting on the centre-left has kept them in office for nearly 40 years!" Let's stop splitting the vote!

Strategic voting in the news

Goin’ Down he Road: East Coast Lessons For Alberta (by Kirk Niergarth)

Change Alberta Blog June 17, 2015

AYou don’t spend too much time in Alberta without running into a Maritimer, a Newfoundlander or someone one-generation removed from Atlantic Canada. When I lived in New Brunswick a decade ago, it was estimated that a jumbo jet load of people was leaving the province every month headed to Alberta or Saskatchewan. Some were relocating permanently, others were engaged in transcontinental commuting – six months in Fort Mac, six months back home in Saint John. read more >>

The New Alberta and the Upcoming Federal Election (by George Melnyk)

Change Alberta Blog June 15, 2015

The pundits are out in full force as the federal election campaign fires off its first salvos. Warren Kinsella, a top Liberal politico, wrote in Ottawa’s The Hill Times (June 1) that the 2015 federal election “is the NDP’s to lose.” He argues that Mulcair’s image as someone who is “serious and progressive” trumps Trudeau’s image as “progressive and new” and Harper’s image as “experienced and serious.” The country seems to be in the mood for change. read more >>

Alberta Farmworkers Die…A Lot (by Bob Barnetson)

Change Alberta Blog June 6, 2015

Alberta farmworkers die. A lot. Sometimes they are smothered, like Kevan Chandler was back in 2006, when a grain crust let go in a silo he was cleaning near High River. He left behind a wife and kids. Sometimes they get killed by machinery, like when Yvon Poulin fell into a bailer that had an inoperable safety system in 2004. He was a 17-year-old kid. read more >>

Unmet Needs: Can the New Alberta Pioneer in the Area of Mental Health? (by Ken Collier)

Change Alberta Blog May 29, 2015

As astonished as almost everyone was when the New Democrats were elected in the 2015 provincial election in Alberta, that miraculous upsurge contains hope that, once again, a government in Canada will pioneer a major social program in an area of unmet needs: think the Saskatchewan CCF in 1947 with prepaid hospital insurance and then the same government in transition to becoming the NDP with prepaid physicians’ visits (medicare) in 1962. read more >>

Energy Royalties: “Think Like an Owner” (by Alvin Finkel)

Change Alberta Blog May 22, 2015

Nothing about the new NDP government frightens the oil company lobbyists and their supporters in the corporate media and corporate-funded research institutes more than the promise to review energy royalties. read more >>

Make Jimmy Pay

Change Alberta Blog May 11, 2015

Jim Prentice’s decision not to serve as MLA for Foothills will cost Albertans about $275,000, the price tag for a by-election. But he knew before election day that he did not intend to serve and failed to withdraw his candidacy. Either he or his party should cough up that dough to taxpayers or they should belatedly withdraw his candidacy and allow NDP runner-up Anne Wilson to become the MLA for Calgary-Foothills. read more >>

A New Era Begins (by Alvin Finkel)

Change Alberta Blog May 6, 2015

Congratulations Premier-elect Rachel Notley!!! And to all the members of her majority NDP caucus, who include many fine individuals from whom the new premier can cobble together the most progressive Cabinet that Alberta has experienced to date. read more >>

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