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Maximize the strength of the centre-left by voting strategically. Find out which progressive candidate is leading in your constituency before you vote.

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Why It's Important

Alberta's wealth can create a diverse, sustainable economy, job stability, excellent infrastructure, and world-class public services, a true "Alberta advantage." Yet after 40 years of Conservative government we have none of these. We can do better!

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What Can I Do?

Vote strategically in your constituency to counter the vote-splitting among progressive candidates that continually elects so many Tories. Your support for the centre-left candidate with the best chance of winning can build the progressive bloc of MLAs.

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Winnable Candidates

Find out which progressive candidate is leading in your constituency. Vote for that candidate to make your voice count against the Tories.

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Ways to Support

Tell your friends about our strategic voting initiative. Volunteer your time and/or resources to support this campaign.

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Why vote strategically?


In the last election, the combined progressive vote in several constituencies was greater than the total support for Conservatives and Wildrose. Strategic votes prevent vote-splitting among good candidates and we can still support our favourite parties in other constituencies by volunteering and donating. As reporter Don Braid of the Calgary Herald says, "Tories are chuckling... Vote-splitting on the centre-left has kept them in office for nearly 40 years!" Let's stop splitting the vote!

Strategic voting in the news

A New Era Begins (by Alvin Finkel)

Change Alberta Blog May 6, 2015

Congratulations Premier-elect Rachel Notley!!! And to all the members of her majority NDP caucus, who include many fine individuals from whom the new premier can cobble together the most progressive Cabinet that Alberta has experienced to date. read more >>

A Strategic Confession (by Alvin Finkel)

Change Alberta Blog May 4, 2015

“I really want to vote for the NDP in my constituency, someone who will sit in the Notley caucus. Are you sure that I will cause a right-winger to be elected if I don’t vote for the Liberal or the Alberta Party candidate you recommend?” read more >>

Mirror, mirror on the wall, could the PCs really fall? (by Meenal Shrivastava and Lorna Stefanick)

Change Alberta Blog May 4, 2015

Recently, observers have been questioning the health of democracy in one of the world’s wealthiest jurisdictions, comparing Alberta to one party dominated ‘petro-states’ in other parts of the world. Why do Albertans continue to vote for the status quo, either by casting a ballot for the PCs, or by not voting at all? read more >>

Group hopes strategic voting key to unseating the PC’s

News Talk 770 (CHQR) April 29, 2015

An Alberta organization of former political operatives, academics and activists has identified progressive candidates in 64 Alberta ridings that they say have a shot at getting elected. The information, including details of the research behind the recommendations appears on the webiste, which aims to help elect left of centre candidates. read more >>

CTV Edmonton. Group trying to bring change.

CTV News Edmonton April 27, 2015

Math is Difficult. That's certainly been the PC experience. April 27, 2015

Remember this clip from last Thursday's debate? Apparently misspeaking, Jim Prentice suggested the NDP would raise corporate taxes to 20%. When Rachel Notley corrected him (they propose a 12% rate) Jim Prentice accused Ms. Notley of misunderstanding him and quipped that "math is difficult". Well, it's no surprise a PC Premier would say that. All evidence suggests that in the past forty-four years, they've had quite a bit of difficulty with math. Here's a few of the lessons they've taught us over the years. (Find out more at

Can strategic voting take down the PCs?

Edmonton Journal April 27, 2015

With a week to go and voters flirting with an “anybody but Conservative” sentiment, thousands of centre-left voters are weighing their options in Edmonton. Their numbers are significant. In the last election, 120,000 voters across the province abandoned the Liberals and mostly moved to the Tories to stave off a Wildrose victory. In Edmonton, the move was made by a coalition of teachers, traditional Liberal voters, Red Tories and unions, but they won’t be going back to the Tories, says Chaldeans Mensah, political science professor at MacEwan University. read more >>

The Campaign to Date and Change Alberta’s Role (by Alvin Finkel)

Change Alberta Blog April 25, 2015

This provincial election is causing a great deal of excitement among progressive Albertans because of the real possibility that Rachel Notley will emerge as leader of the largest caucus of MLAs and premier on May 5. But that victory will be mostly symbolic if the number of progressive MLAs elected falls short of the magic number of 44. So it is more important than ever not to split the progressive vote at the ballot box. Change Alberta has offered its choices in 62 ridings that we deem winnable and explained each of them (See our “Winnable Candidates” page). read more >>

Alberta leaders debate: Poll suggests NDP's Rachel Notley won

CBC News April 24, 2015

An overnight poll suggests NDP Leader Rachel Notley was the clear winner of Thursday's televised leaders' debate. Mainstreet Technologies polled 2,322 people who watched the debate on television, listened to it on the radio or followed it online or through social media. The poll asked: "Regardless of which party you happen to support, who do you think did the better job in tonight's debate." read more >>

Braid: Notley shines in the best-ever Alberta leaders' debate

Calgary Herald April 23, 2015

Now, that was a heck of a debate — tough, lively, blunt without being vicious, often highly entertaining; a vivid reflection of divisions in the province and the rise of three almost equal political forces. And the winner is … Rachel Notley of the NDP, hands down. read more >>

Unplannned centre-left cooperation that might lead to a progressive government (by Alvin Finkel)

Change Alberta Blog April 19, 2015

The chances of Albertans electing a centre-left government on May 5 are going up because the best option for progressives who vote strategically in many seats just became easier to pick. The difficulties that the provincial Liberal Party was having in finding candidates in a majority of constituencies throughout the first week of the election abated a bit as the deadline for nominations arrived on Friday, April 17. The party jumped from 28 to 56 candidates. But that still left 31 seats without a Liberal candidate. Perhaps the Liberals wanted to provide NDP leader Rachel Notley who was celebrating her birthday that day with a present from an unlikely source. read more >>

2015 Alberta election projection Aprl 15, 2015

The following are's projections for the Alberta election reportedly scheduled for May 5, 2015. These numbers were last updated on April 15, 2015, and reflect the best estimates as of April 13, 2015, the last day of polls included in the model. read more >>

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