In the 2012 Alberta election,
we asked progressive voters  to elect a strong centre-left
opposition by voting strategically

Out of 42 targeted constituencies, we recommended the correct leading progressive candidate in 39 (93%). Regrettably, the shift to the PCs to strategically stop the Wildrose had a major impact on centre/left candidates. Through ChangeAlberta, we reached tens of thousands of voters and thank everyone who took an interest in thinking strategically before casting a vote. For centre/left voters, another huge majority for the PCs is not real change. Protecting public interests in healthcare, education, and the environment now requires a sea change!   ....  read more


Find out which progressive candidate has the leading edge in your constituency:

By constituency.
Don't know your constituency?
Find it (and your voting poll location) at Elections Alberta

Change your profile photo on Twitter or Facebook to our REAL CHANGE icon if you support a vote for progressive candidates! (and be sure to mention if you can!)

Right click image and choose 'Save Picture As' or 'Save Image As' to save to your computer for uploading to your profile.

Tell your friends how progressives can win via targeted strategic voting.

Volunteer for the most winnable progressive candidate in your constituency or for your party's most winnable candidate in a neighbouring constituency.

Make your vote count. Vote strategically.

In the last Alberta election, vote splitting prevented progressive candidates from defeating Conservatives in 12 constituencies. Even in "safe" Tory seats, your progressive vote sends a message.

Progressive (definition)

One who believes government should be a promoter of social justice and the public good, and protector of the environment, rather than leaving the marketplace to determine the distribution of wealth, services, and clean air.

In Alberta, this means placing health, education, social services, and environmental regulation above big business profits and after-tax incomes of high earners. From the Klein years onwards, the "progressive" wing of the Progressive Conservative Party has shrunk to virtually nothing. The PR spin changes but the basic values of the PCs have remained consistent: profiteers and polluters have more rights than ordinary citizens.!
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